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Machine details

Technical specifications: 
Imaging time* 
Standard speed: 162.6 mm (6.4 in) per minute 
Fast speed: 243.8 mm (9.6 in) per minute 
Very Fast speed: 688.3 mm (27.1 in) per minute 

Standard speed: 6 plates per hour 
Fast speed: 8 plates per hour 
Very Fast speed: 6 plates per hour 

Imaging Specifications 
Workflow connectivity: Creo Brisque™ or Brisque™ Pack workflow 
Creo Prinergy® or Prinergy Powerpack™ workflow 
Third-party connectivity 
Resolution: 1200 or 2400 dpi 
Screening: 200 lpi maximum linescreen 

Image area 
around the drum circumference: 508 to 1,130 mm 
along the drum axis: 394 to 1,448 mm 

Media Specifications 
Media type: Thermal IR-sensitive aluminum plate, 830 nm 
Thermal IR-sensitive film, 830 nm 

Plate sizes 
min. to max., around drum x along drum: 508 x 394 mm to 1,143 x 1,448 mm 

Media thickness: 
• plates: 0.15 to 0.40 mm (6 to 16 mil) 
• film: 0.18 mm (7 mil) minimum


Machine is re-manufactured by Kodakin December 2012 -  new laser head was installed . Machine worked till 08.2013 (as printing house bankrupted) and worked below 1000 hours during this period. Then machine was bought back by Kodak Bulgaria.

Machine is equipped with vacuum cleaner Universal Debris Removal Cabinet which is produced in 07.2007

Machine speed in format 100x140 is 7 plates/h, speed in format 70x100 is 10-12 plates/h